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Mindset Reframing

Body-Field Sound Healing

Body-Field Sound Healing

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The Body-Field Sound Healing album is an awesome approach of science blended with sound that has resulted in the creation of an audio experience with the capacity to stimulate healing. Using frequency to heal, create and manifest, this album has everything you need. Best use with ear buds or headphones. 

Full Track List:

1. Chi- Energy: promotes energy and motivation 

2. Relax and Regenerate: Enter into SATs or the "Void" state 

3. Confidence: For manifesting abilities and belief 

4. Energetic Detox: To clear anxious or nervous energy

5. EMF Protection: blocks harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) from laptops, tablets, cell phones and other sources

6. Chill: Stop spiraling and freaking out 

7. Mental Clarity: When feeling undecided 

8. Creative Spirit: Opens creativity centers in the mind

9. Sexual Energy: sexual energy and healing

10. Unconditional Love: Manifesting love

11. Balance and Heal: Healing the body 

12. Sleep Well: Deep sleep 

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