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Mindset Reframing

Custom SP Affirming Audio

Custom SP Affirming Audio

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Custom SP Affirming Audio: We can replicate (almost) anyones voice and have them tell you what you want them to say to you. Using our AI and a 10-30 second audio of someones voice, we can replicate their vocal audio and input affirmations and conversation, so you can hear your specific person or other important person, tell you what you need to hear.  

This is for personal use only. Only positive statements will be used for this service. 

How to Get Started: After checkout, go to "my account" in the main menu, scroll down and you will see your Custom SP Affirming Audio service, click on this and you will be prompted to fill out a form and upload audio so we may replicate. 

Custom SP Affirming Audio is sent by email within 5-10 business days, to the email address you provide in the form. 

There are no refunds provided for the service unless we are unable to replicate your desired voice. 

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