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Mindset Reframing

NES miHealth Mindset Bundle

NES miHealth Mindset Bundle

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An amazing bundle for starting to regain your health and wellness!

Includes one (1) NES miHealth device, one (1) Total Wellness Session, in our clinic, or via Telehealth (remote) and five (5) NES Infoceuticals.

An amazing bundle for starting to regain your health and wellness!

Get the powerful NES miHealth handheld biofeedback device; PLUS a Total Wellness Session, in our clinic, or via Telehealth (remote), which includes: one (1) body-field scan and live 1-on-1 review with one of our practitioners (120 min), a personalized therapy plan, and five (5) recommended bioenergetic remedies (NES Infoceuticals) for use at home. The Total Wellness Session appointment must be consumed within sixty (60) days of the purchase date of the bundle.

The NES miHealth device is a powerful handheld biofeedback device using PEMF, Global Scaling and bio(quantum)-information technology that is non-invasive and effective for reducing stress, releasing and re-educating energy flow, muscles, nerves, organs and areas of the body. Learn more about the miHealth device here.

The device can also be used to perform remote body-field scans without needing to come for an in-office visit. Scans can be done anywhere, anytime over the internet using your Windows / Mac computer and a USB port. One device can be used for all family members in your household.

Find out what's impacting your energy and health levels with our NES' bioenergetic scanning technology and gain a deeper insight into your holographic self.

Free shipping for the NES miHealth device and recommended NES Infoceuticals to United States destinations. For all other destinations shipping costs are not included and will be charged separate.

IMPORTANT! If this is your first Telehealth session, please make sure you carefully review the Telehealth Setup information on our website under "account" and services, before you book the appointment.


Note: The bundle and each item included in the bundle, including miHealth, Total Wellness Session and Infoceuticals, are non-returnable and non-refundable, after 30 calendar days from the date of purchase (following our regular return and refund policy), or, after the Total Mindset Session appointment has been completed, whichever comes/occurs first.

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